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Becoming a Unilever Supplier

Any individual, business, or organisation wanting to partner with us needs to go through our Unilever Supplier Qualification System (USQS).

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The USQS is a single, global platform that gives Unilever a complete overview of our partner network and gives our partners a better understanding of how we choose to operate. It also allows us to support any partners needing help in meeting essential criteria for doing business with us, such as that outlined in our Responsible Sourcing Policy (PDF 8.25 MB) .

Our supplier qualification system:

  • Identifies approved partners for the products and services we want to buy
  • Allows us to better understand the potential risks of buying products or services in various geographies
  • Helps us identify which partners need our help improving their standards
  • Keeps Unilever and our partners accountable when faced with changes to regulations and legislation, locally or globally

A successful registration in USQS qualifies you to partner with us.

If you are an existing supplier but you have not completed the USQS registration yet please reach out to your Unilever procurement/business contact or

Innovate with us

A significant portion of our future growth will come from innovating and delivering new, leading-edge products into the marketplace. We invest heavily in relationships that allow us to share capabilities and co-innovate because we know the majority of our future innovations will come from collaborations with our strategic partners. This inclusive way of working allows us to nurture open relationships and encourages our respective research and development teams to work together to uncover new technologies and innovations that can turbo-charge our impact.

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We know our partners often do business with other companies that operate in the same competitive markets as we do, so we pride ourselves on doing business differently. We’ve moved away from traditional buying/selling relationships and we’re pioneering more agile ways of doing business which we hope will make us a partner of choice to innovate with.

If you’ve got an idea for a new purpose-led innovation, please contact your Unilever Procurement Manager to discuss how we can bring it to life together.

Find out more about Innovation in Unilever.

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How to invoice us

Find out about our e-invoicing processes, including how to check the status of a payment.

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